Course Overview

This course covers the foundation of networking and network devices, media, and protocols. The learner will observe data flowing through a network and basic device configuration to connect to networks.


Teaching your students basic networking concepts is essential fordeveloping IT skills and prepares them for a wide variety of IT career paths.

Prerequisites: None

Course Delivery: Instructor-led or Self-paced

Course Recognitions: Digital Badge

Certification Alignment: This course is part of the Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path and Network Technician Career Path which align to the CCST Cybersecurity and CCST Networking Certifications.

Recommended Next Course: Networking Devices and Initial Configuration

What Will I Learn?

  • Configure a wireless router and wireless host to connect to the internet
  • Teach how protocols, devices, and media enable communication on Ethernet networks
  • Demonstrate how IP addresses enable network communication
  • Create a simple LAN
  • Use application layer services to accomplish real-world tasks


  • ASC Alignment: Recommended
  • Instructor Training: Optional
  • Basic Equipment: Computer/Mobile Device and Internet
  • Additional Equipment Required: No


  • Secondary or vocational schooland college universitystudents, general audience